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How to Look Kawaii?

If you’re looking to embrace your inner cuteness and achieve a kawaii look, you’ve come to the right place. With our expert tips, you’ll learn how to dress kawaii, apply cute makeup, and explore the world of adorable fashion. Whether you’re new to the kawaii culture or a seasoned pro, our guide will help you look kawaii and feel confident in your cute style.

From pastel colors to playful accessories, kawaii fashion is all about expressing your individuality and creativity. With our makeup tips, you’ll learn how to achieve a dewy complexion, rosy cheeks, and big, bright eyes. And with our advice on nail art and kawaii manicures, you can extend your cute style to your fingertips.

So, if you’re ready to embrace your cuteness and become a kawaii icon, read on for our expert advice on how to look kawaii!

Understanding Kawaii Culture

Before delving into the specifics of how to achieve a kawaii look, it is important to have an understanding of the origins and influence of kawaii culture. Kawaii, which roughly translates to “cute” in Japanese, is a cultural phenomenon that has deeply influenced Japanese society as well as global popular culture.

In Japan, kawaii culture is seen as a way of life, not just a fashion or aesthetic trend. It is rooted in the idea of embracing childlike innocence and purity, and the pursuit of happiness and wellbeing through cuteness. This is reflected in various aspects of Japanese culture, from anime and manga to fashion and consumer goods.

The popularity of kawaii culture has spread beyond Japan and has become a global phenomenon, with people around the world embracing the cute and playful aesthetic. This has led to the emergence of kawaii-inspired fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends in different parts of the world.

The Significance of Kawaii in Japanese Culture

Kawaii culture is deeply ingrained in Japanese society and can be traced back to the 1970s when the concept of “cute” started gaining popularity among young women. Sanrio, the company behind the iconic Hello Kitty character, was founded in 1960 and played a significant role in the mainstreaming of kawaii culture in Japan.

Today, kawaii culture permeates various aspects of Japanese society, from fashion and music to food and advertising. It is seen as a way of expressing one’s individuality and creativity, and a means of coping with the pressures of everyday life.

The Evolution of Kawaii Culture

Over the years, kawaii culture has evolved and expanded beyond its origins in Japan. It has influenced fashion and beauty trends around the world, with many brands incorporating cute and playful elements into their designs.

Kawaii culture has also become a popular theme in social media, with many influencers and content creators using the aesthetic to enhance their personal brands. This has led to the emergence of kawaii-inspired subcultures, such as decora fashion and fairy kei, which have gained a following in different parts of the world.

In conclusion, kawaii culture holds a significant place in Japanese society and has evolved into a global phenomenon in recent years. Understanding the significance of kawaii in Japanese culture can help us appreciate the influence of this aesthetic on popular culture around the world.

Dressing Kawaii: Clothing and Accessories

Kawaii fashion is all about celebrating cuteness and incorporating adorable elements into your style. From pastel colors to whimsical patterns, there are many ways to embrace kawaii fashion and dress cute!


When it comes to kawaii clothing, the key is to choose pieces that are playful and fun. Dresses and skirts with cute prints, such as polka dots or floral designs, are a popular choice. Pastel colors, such as baby pink or mint green, are also commonly used in kawaii fashion.

Another important element of dressing kawaii is layering. Experiment with layering different pieces, such as a cute blouse under a dress or a cardigan over a t-shirt. This adds dimension and interest to your outfit.


Kawaii accessories are a great way to add even more cuteness to your look. Hair accessories, such as bows or hair clips, are a popular choice and can be worn in a variety of ways, from pigtails to buns. Cute socks with fun prints, such as animal faces or food items, are another fun accessory to incorporate into your outfit.

Don’t forget about jewelry! Kawaii jewelry often features fun designs, such as miniature food items or cute animals. Necklaces and bracelets with colorful beads are also popular in kawaii fashion.

Kawaii Clothing Kawaii Accessories
Dresses with cute prints Hair accessories (bows, hair clips)
Skirts with playful designs Cute socks with fun prints
Pastel colors Fun jewelry (miniature food, animals)

Overall, kawaii fashion is all about having fun and embracing your inner cuteness. Experiment with different pieces and styles to find what works best for you!

Hairstyles and Hair Accessories

Your hairstyle can make a significant contribution to achieving a kawaii look. Here are some popular kawaii hairstyles and cute hair accessories to complement them:


Pigtails are a classic kawaii hairstyle that never goes out of style. Divide your hair into two equal sections and tie each into high ponytails, securing them with cute hair ties. For an extra kawaii touch, add some ribbon bows to the hair ties.


Buns are another versatile kawaii hairstyle. You can style a high or low bun and add some cute hair accessories like pins or clips. For a more playful look, try double buns.


Braids are a cute and easy way to add some kawaii element to your hair. You can try different braid variations, such as a fishtail or a French braid, and add some hair clips or bows to accentuate your style.

Cute Hair Accessories

Kawaii hair accessories are an essential element of any kawaii hairstyle. Here are some popular cute hair accessories:

  • Bows: Add some ribbon bows to your pigtails, buns, or braids to create an adorable accent.
  • Hair Clips: Use cute hair clips to hold your hair in place while adding a touch of cuteness.

Experiment with different hairstyles and hair accessories to find the right kawaii look for you. Remember, the goal is to have fun and embrace your inner cuteness!

Kawaii Makeup Tips

When it comes to achieving a kawaii look, your makeup should enhance your natural cuteness. Follow these kawaii makeup tips to achieve dewy skin, rosy cheeks, big eyes, and gradient lips.

Dewy Skin

Kawaii makeup starts with a dewy complexion. Achieve this look by applying a moisturizing primer followed by a light foundation or BB cream. For extra glow, add a drop of liquid highlighter to your foundation or apply it to the high points of your face. Finish with a setting spray to keep your makeup in place.

Rosy Cheeks

Add a touch of blush to your cheeks to achieve a natural, youthful glow. Choose a pink or peach shade and apply it to the apples of your cheeks using a fluffy brush. Blend out any harsh lines for a soft, rosy finish.

Big Eyes

To make your eyes appear bigger and brighter, start by curling your lashes and applying a lengthening mascara. Next, use a white or nude eyeliner to line your waterline and inner corners. For extra impact, add a pair of false lashes or use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes even more.

Gradient Lips

Gradient lips are a popular kawaii makeup trend that involves blending two or more lipstick shades together to create a smooth transition. Start by applying a darker shade to the outer corners of your lips and a lighter shade to the center. Use a lip brush or your finger to blend the colours together, creating a seamless gradient.

By following these kawaii makeup tips, you can enhance your natural cuteness and achieve a youthful, playful look.

D: Nail Art and Kawaii Manicures

Extend your kawaii style to your nails with adorable nail art and manicures. The right nail art can add a pop of cuteness to any outfit, and there are endless possibilities when it comes to kawaii-inspired designs. Here are some ideas for creating cute manicures:

Kawaii Nail Art

Kawaii nail art often features pastel colors, cute characters, and playful patterns. You can use nail polish, nail art pens, and nail decals to create your own kawaii designs. Some popular kawaii nail art ideas include:

  • Pastel nails with heart or flower decorations
  • Cartoon character nails, such as Hello Kitty or Pikachu
  • Kawaii food nails, featuring designs like sushi or cupcakes
  • Polka dots or stripes in pastel colors
  • Nails with a gradient effect, using different shades of the same color

Cute Manicures

If you prefer a simpler manicure, there are still plenty of ways to add a cute touch to your nails. Here are some ideas for cute manicures:

  • Pastel nails with a glossy finish
  • Nails with one accent nail featuring a cute design, such as a heart or a star
  • Nails with a French tip in a pastel color
  • Nails with a glitter or metallic finish
  • Nails with a matte finish in a pastel color

Nail Decals

If you’re not confident in your nail art skills, you can still achieve a cute design with nail decals. These are stickers or transfers that you apply to your nails, and they come in a variety of kawaii designs. Some popular types of nail decals include:

  • Cute animals, such as cats or pandas
  • Kawaii food, such as donuts or ice cream cones
  • Flowers or other nature-inspired designs
  • Cartoon characters or anime-inspired designs
  • Kawaii patterns, like hearts or stars

Experiment with different nail art techniques and designs to find the perfect cute manicure for you. Whether you opt for pastel nails or kawaii decals, your nails are sure to be a cute addition to your kawaii look.

Kawaii Accessories and Stationery

Add some cuteness to your everyday life with kawaii accessories and stationery. From plush toys to keychains, stickers and more, there is an endless array of kawaii items to choose from. These items are perfect for adding some personality to your outfits or decorating your living space. Here are some popular kawaii accessories and stationery items to explore:

Kawaii Plush Toys

Plush toys are a classic kawaii accessory. From adorable animals to cute characters, there is a plush toy for every personality. They make great companions for cosying up with on the couch or decorating your bed.

Cute Keychains

Add a touch of kawaii to your keys with cute keychains. Choose from a variety of designs, from mini plushies to miniature food items. They not only add some flair to your keys, but also serve as a reminder of your unique personality.

Kawaii Stickers

Add some personality to your everyday items with kawaii stickers. From stickers featuring cute animals to pastel food items, they are great for decorating your phone case, laptop or notebook. They can also be used to seal letters or decorate gifts.

Cute Stationery

Embrace your creativity with kawaii stationery. From pastel pens and pencils to adorable notebooks, there is a wide range of stationery items to choose from. They’ll make studying or working more fun and have the added benefit of brightening up your desk.

So, whether you’re looking to add some personality to your outfit or to decorate your living space, kawaii accessories and stationery items are the perfect choice. They are not only cute, but also functional and versatile, and can add a touch of fun to your daily routine.

Kawaii Lifestyle and Hobbies

Embrace the kawaii lifestyle by incorporating cute hobbies and activities into your daily routine. Whether it’s crafting, DIY projects, or journaling, there are endless ways to express your kawaii personality.

Cute Hobbies

Get creative with cute hobbies like crafting and DIY projects. Sewing, embroidery, and knitting are great ways to create kawaii accessories and clothing. DIY home decor, such as pastel-colored furniture or plush toys, can add a touch of cuteness to any room.


Journaling is a popular kawaii hobby that allows you to express yourself creatively while documenting your thoughts and experiences. Use cute stickers, washi tape, and colorful pens to decorate your journal pages.

Kawaii Crafts

There are many kawaii crafting ideas to explore, such as making your own plush toys, creating jewelry, or decorating your phone case with cute decals. YouTube tutorials and online craft communities can provide inspiration and guidance.

Surround Yourself with Cuteness

Incorporate kawaii elements into your daily life to surround yourself with cuteness. Use cute stationery, such as notepads and pens, in your work or school life. Add kawaii decor, like plushies or adorable figurines, to your living space. Little touches of cuteness can brighten up any day!

Kawaii Influencers and Brands to Follow

If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest kawaii trends or need inspiration for your cute style, there are many kawaii influencers and brands to follow on social media.

Kawaii Influencers on Instagram

Instagram is a great platform to discover kawaii influencers who share their love for cute fashion and lifestyle. Some popular kawaii influencers to follow include:

  • @harajuku_kawaii: A Japanese influencer who showcases the latest kawaii fashion trends and outfits.
  • @cutiepie_miki: A UK-based influencer who shares her love for colorful and cute makeup looks.
  • @sailormoonspank: An American influencer who embraces the Sailor Moon aesthetic and shares her kawaii lifestyle.

Kawaii Influencers on YouTube

YouTube is another platform to find kawaii influencers who share their tips and tutorials on achieving a cute and stylish look. Some popular kawaii YouTubers to follow include:

  • PeachMilkyTea: A UK-based YouTuber who creates kawaii fashion and makeup videos, often incorporating cute character themes.
  • Mimei: A Japanese YouTuber who shares her kawaii makeup tutorials and lifestyle vlogs.
  • BunnyMarie: An American YouTuber who creates cute and quirky DIY projects and shares her love for kawaii fashion.

Kawaii Brands

If you’re looking for brands that specialize in kawaii fashion and lifestyle products, there are many to choose from. Here are a few popular kawaii brands to check out:

Brand Summary
Sanrio A Japanese brand known for creating cute characters like Hello Kitty and My Melody. They offer a wide range of kawaii merchandise, from clothing to stationery.
Cute Japanese Fashion An online store that offers a variety of kawaii clothing and accessories from Japan. They feature popular brands like Liz Lisa and Swankiss.
Kawaii Nation An online store that offers kawaii fashion and lifestyle products, including clothing, accessories, and plush toys. They also feature their own brand of kawaii merchandise.

Whether you’re an avid kawaii enthusiast or just starting to explore the world of cuteness, following kawaii influencers and brands can give you endless inspiration and ideas.


Congratulations on taking the first steps towards embracing your inner cuteness and exploring the world of kawaii! By following the tips and techniques outlined in this article, you can learn how to look kawaii and incorporate cute elements into your personal style and lifestyle.

Remember, looking kawaii is all about embracing your unique personality and expressing yourself in a fun and playful way. Whether you prefer pastel colours, adorable accessories, or kawaii nail art, there are countless ways to infuse cuteness into your everyday life.

So, go ahead and experiment with different kawaii fashion trends, hairstyles, makeup techniques, and hobbies. Whether you’re crafting, journaling, or simply accessorizing with cute keychains and stickers, there are endless opportunities to embrace your cuteness and create a unique, personalized kawaii style.

By embracing kawaii, you can unleash your creativity and find joy in the little things. So, why not start today and discover your own cute style? Embrace cuteness and enjoy all the fun and happiness that comes with it!


How can I achieve a kawaii look?

To achieve a kawaii look, you can start by dressing in kawaii fashion, incorporating adorable accessories, and using cute makeup techniques.

What is kawaii culture?

Kawaii culture originated in Japan and refers to the appreciation of all things cute. It has become a significant aspect of Japanese society and has gained global popularity.

What are some key elements of dressing kawaii?

Some key elements of dressing kawaii include wearing cute clothing with pastel colors, adding whimsical patterns, and accessorizing with adorable accessories like dresses, skirts, and cute shoes.

What are some popular kawaii hairstyles?

Popular kawaii hairstyles include cute pigtails, buns, and braids. You can also add cute hair accessories like bows, hair clips, and headbands to enhance your kawaii look.

How can I achieve a kawaii makeup look?

To achieve a kawaii makeup look, focus on creating a dewy complexion, rosy cheeks, and big, bright eyes. Gradient lips are also a popular kawaii makeup trend.

How can I incorporate kawaii nail art into my manicures?

You can incorporate kawaii nail art into your manicures by using pastel colors, cute characters, and playful patterns. Nail decals are also a great way to achieve kawaii-inspired nails.

What are some cute accessories and stationery I can use?

You can accessorize your kawaii look with plush toys, keychains, and stickers. When it comes to stationery, opt for adorable designs like cute notebooks, pens, and sticky notes.

What are some kawaii lifestyle activities and hobbies?

Embrace a kawaii lifestyle by engaging in activities like crafting, DIY projects, and journaling. These hobbies allow you to express your kawaii personality and surround yourself with cuteness.

Who are some kawaii influencers and brands to follow?

Look out for kawaii influencers on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. There are also many fashion brands that specialize in cute and kawaii styles.

How can I embrace my own cuteness?

Embrace your own cuteness by exploring the world of kawaii and incorporating elements of it into your personal style and lifestyle. Emphasize the joy and creativity that come with embracing cuteness.