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Unicorn Plushie

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A classic Unicorn Plushie

These amazingly cute and comfy Unicorn Plushies are ideal for a pillow or cushion. They feature a magical golden horn and soft white wings. They are well filled with Premium PP cotton. They come in 2 different colours, pink and blue and feature coloured stars on their sides.

The secret to better sleep is here

Body pillows have been proven to help you sleep better by relieving pressure on the lower back, spine and hips. Our plushies will help you relax and feel at peace when you’re in bed.Fret not about allergic reactions and pain

Ethically sourced, cruelty-free, and made with premium non-allergenic cotton for maximum comfort. All our plushies are free of lint and suitable even for people with allergies.

The perfect gift this year

Plushies are something considered appropriate only for young children, but we totally disagree! Not only do our plushies help with anxiety it also makes for the perfect present for your loved ones


✨ Filled with 100% premium PP cotton
😴 Helps with your sleeping position
💖 Promotes relaxation with its unbelievably soft material
😊 Allergy-free and asthma friendly

Plushie sizes:

Measurements may be off by 1-3cm due to the nature of how PP cotton expands and compresses.

Due to the many different variations in this products we are unable to provide pictures for all variations. All models are vary similar but styles may vary slightly.


13 reviews for Unicorn Plushie

  1. Holly W.

    This plushie is a must-have! I’m in love with the bright colors and beautiful details, and it’s so squishy and comforting! Perfect for any unicorn fan. Absolutely love it!

  2. Rachel H.

    This unicorn plushie is the cutest thing ever. It has the perfect amount of color and design to add a special touch to any room. From its curly horn to its sparkly eye, it’s way above and beyond my expectations. It’s made incredibly well and adds the perfect touch of magic. Highly recommended for cuddling.

  3. Carrie A.

    I love it! It’s the perfect amount of squishiness and makes me so happy every time I look at it!

  4. Roxy F.

    This Unicorn Plushie is absolutely beautiful! Its vibrant colors made me feel so happy. Such a wonderful gift for any unicorn enthusiast!

  5. Molly S.

    My little one loves this magical unicorn plushie! Such a beautiful and unique gift. It’s stuffing is so perfect and it is the perfect addition to our house!

  6. Erica G.

    My daughter absolutely loves this unicorn plushy! It’s so adorable and she carries it around with her everywhere. It’s very well made and the perfect companion for her.

  7. Felicia M.

    This unicorn plushie is so sweet & adorable! I’m so happy with it! Such great quality & craftsmanship – I love it!

  8. Kyla S.

    This unicorn plushie is the perfect companion! It’s so bright and colorful, I absolutely love it. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a bright and vibrant toy.

  9. Olivia G.

    I LOVE my unicorn plushie! It’s so adorable and it brings a smile to my face every single time I look at it! Such an amazing gift and I couldn’t be happier!

  10. Kaylee H.

    This Unicorn Plushie is magically cute! From its sparkly eyes to its rainbow mane, it’s such a delight to cuddle and hug! A must-have for any Unicorn fan!

  11. Jill H.

    I absolutely love this Unicorn Plushie! It’s so cute and I’m so happy I purchased it. The bright colours make it so eye-catching and it’s really soft to the touch.I’ve been using it to brighten up my living room and it’s made me really happy. Highly recommended!

  12. Jane A.

    This unicorn plushie is a fabulous addition to any bedroom. Its sparkly design means it always stands out and looks amazing. I love how spacious it is and the design is so magical that I instantly fell in love with it. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a new adventure in their home.

  13. Evelyn R.

    This unicorn plushie is such a magical and sweet addition to my bedroom! So huggable and delightful. I love it!

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Washing Your Plushie

All our plushies are washing machine friendly and easy to take care of. Here is our handy guide on how to wash your plushie.

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  2. Wash your plushie in cold water using a very mild detergent
  3. If you wish to disinfect your plushie use warm water or look at a laundry sanitizer which is safe on both whites and colours, unlike chlorine bleach.
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  5. The most effective way to dry your plushie will be air-drying. To help fluff up the fur once the plushie as reached the just-damp stage try using a hairdryer tuned on low heat.

Removing wrinkles/lumps on your Plushie

We stock all shapes and sizes of plushies and some are very large. To allow us to ship our products a low price to the UK we sometimes vacuum pack them. Therefore, they may have lumps and wrinkles when you first take them out of their packaging. But don’t worry – naturally these wrinkles will ease out the longer your plushie is out of the bag. On average they return to normal within 2-3 days. You can always give it a good shake and pat down to let the lumps ease out too.

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